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P2Walk – Live Presence, Share Presence

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Got 15 minutes? Immerse in a mindful P2Walk journey any time.

Got 15 minutes? Immerse in a mindful P2Walk journey any time.

P2Walk guided meditations are not just a bundle of how-to scripts designed to inject the power of presence and mindfulness into your life. Yes, they can provide a valuable series of “baby step” guides that inject powerful meditation benefits into any walk. The “Power of Presence” ignites your ability to access your own creation of a vital state of mindful awareness. The scripts accompany you on your walk – you generate exactly the mind, body and spirit connection that is right for you – right here, right now – in life.

No matter how well-honed and expertly written our P2Walk active meditations might be, we cannot create your mindfulness in the true sense of the term.  Why is that? Because a person’s awareness and perspective on his or her own life journey are more important than any skill we can deliver for you.  Mindfulness is dependent on your personal values and perspective.

If your life is too often a challenging clutter of chaos, over-extended scheduling or more responsibilities and roles than you can manage we can provide an oasis – with a practice meant to support your vision of the life you want.  It is only when you discover a practice that suits your personality and framework for choices that your life can evolve as you envision.

What you need, right here, right now - today!

What you need, right here, right now – today!

The magic of P2Walk is its ready availability for any one ready to head outdoors for a 15-20 minute walk. Its effects can be a magical discovery, one that can allow you to balance all 7 chakras while playing, exploring and celebrating your time outdoors.

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Judy has an MS degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University.

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