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Workplace Wellness: Walking Meditation

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P2Walk connects a 15 minute walk to a focused “mindful presence practice.”

Adding walking meditation with our guided scripts is easy from day one – for all abilities.

We can complement your existing workplace wellness offerings for as little as $1 an employee.  Why should you learn more? (CONTACT us) P2Walk for Workplace Wellness  allows employees to learn how a very small change to their daily routine can improve their overall health and well-being. It is easily a self-directed activity enjoyed as needed. workplace wellness two

Mindfulness practiced through P2Walk begins with calming breath awareness. P2Walk draws one’s attention to the sensations of the present moment, and guides a walking meditation customized for your employees. P2Walk can be done during a 15 minute break, a lunch break or after work. Decades of research suggest that setting aside time for mindfulness can improve concentration and reduce stress. Enhance the benefits of your existing workplace wellness program.

Large corporations who have initiated mindfulness programs, like early adopter, Aetna, have saved about $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gained about $3,000 per employee in productivity. Mindful employees, the thinking goes, are healthier and more focused.

walking wellnessOver the last 30 years, there’s been this tremendous volume of scientific research. that’s been really quantifying the effects of mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness actually changes the structures of our brain in ways that are largely positive. It actually improves our immune system in ways that can be verifiably measured. It actually seems to reduce the stress we experience and the stress that our bodies seem to be reporting, through measures like heart-rate variability and cortisol levels. So the data is there. We know that it’s making changes and that these changes are largely beneficial.

The Mayo Clinic notes that more and more evidence is indicating that mindfulness training not only improves employees personal lives, reducing the symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety, but consistently improves employee engagement. Contact us to learn how P2Walk can seamlessly complement your existing wellness, yoga, meditation, walking and other employee wellness initiatives.

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