Month October 2018

Month October 2018

A Mindful Life: Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Zane Scweitzer with Es Ma (Mindful Tapper at Eget företag) during a private session in Mindful Tapping

Zane Schweitzer with Esma (Mindful Tapper at Eget företag) during a private session in Mindful Tapping

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer is all in, 100% engaged whenever he is in action – which is most of the time. On the water, with people at speaking engagements and clinics or training. Zane lives a life of focus, mindfulness, discipline and planning. How does he accomplish so much? A lot has to do with being fully present, but also his practice of mindful meditation and daily journal writing.

While we aren’t always aware of it, most of the time we’re either thinking about something in the past or what may happen in the future. Mindfulness meditation specifically asks us to use our breathing, posture and mind to remain focused on the present. With gentle discipline, mindfulness meditation provides a different path toward presence. Those who meditate consistently tend to be calmer, even in the face of stressful or challenging situations or other life demands. That’s because they’ve cultivated a stillness within that allows them to acknowledge these thoughts and “stories we tell ourselves” without allowing them to affect their actions or perceptions too drastically.

In February, Zane Schweitzer traveled to Cabarete, Dominican Republic for Master of the Ocean. It’s a watersport competition in four categories which combines surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and Standup paddle surfing. Master of the Ocean challenges the most skilled Surfers, Windsurfers, Kitesurfers and SUPsurfers with 5 days of extreme water skills and showcases the best of the Caribbean. Zane defended his championship of the event for the third time. Once back home, with some time to reflect, he was inspired to share a valuable and important part of his week in the Dominican Republic.

Innovate and Inspire

Innovate and Inspire

Enjoy his story:

Mindful awareness is important, but making an action to take a step towards what you feel is right or moral can be hard. I love the feeling of commitment I took during this mindful awareness meditation through the action of mindful tapping. It’s as though you become aware of your presence and inner self as you are taking a step toward what you are focusing on by the action of tapping. It is an immediate action of commitment to initially make that step towards the outcome you desire.

Big props to the overall winners of the Master of The Ocean comp! Brandon Sanford, Emmanuel David Rondon, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer and Luciano Gonzalez.

Big props to the overall winners of the Master of The Ocean comp!
Brandon Sanford, Emmanuel David Rondon, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer and Luciano Gonzalez.

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn that practice during my stay in the Dominican Republic  for Master of the Ocean, a world championship waterman competition. Coming here I’m immersed with my passion for sport, as well as,  the weight of some stress to perform.  I came hoping to defend my title as 2x Master of the Ocean champion. Esma helped me by reminding me of the importance of mindful awareness and presence by feeling inside and paying attention to what the body and mind is feeling. Mindful tapping directly affected me by reminding me to be patient. It allowed me to clearly know what I have to do to achieve my goal of becoming Master Of The Ocean Champion for the third consecutive time. (Side bar: Zane did defend his title)

Aloha and Mahalo,  Zane Kekoa Schweitzer – Innovate and Inspire

Starboard Achieves Gold Level Status ECOBOARDS

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We feature Starboard as an example of a “Blue” company leading others, sharing innovation and making a difference at the manufacturing stage of their products. We are happy to share this Press Release by Brett Giddings – Programs Manager at Sustainable Surf:
The First Gold-Level Board – Verified By Sustainable Surf

Starboard – a SUP and windsurf brand with 25 years of innovative board building and design – reaches Sustainable Surf’s Gold Level status for their Blue Carbon technology board range.
It’s no small task – requiring multiple audits of source materials, building facilities and processes, and for a brand as large as Starboard, commitment to helping the environment on a company-wide level.

End-Grain Balsa Boasts Honeycomb Properties

Starboard’s Blue Carbon technology makes them the 1st SUP Brand to mass-produce a Gold Level ECOBOARD SUP. Gold Level is awarded for using sustainable materials, sourced from responsible supply chains, with improved manufacturing processes.  Working closely with Sustainable Surf, Starboard developed several eco-conscious innovations from scrutinizing the materials used and how they build their boards.

Zane Schweitzer – Sustainable Surf Ambassador

“One of the most satisfying parts of my work is the challenge to redesign our products to lower the environmental impact and achieve higher performance.  Sustainable Surf is setting the goal posts for the industry to not only fast track, but to showcase how quickly and easily it can be to change the way we build better boards for the planet.”

Ollie O’Reilly – SUP Product Manager.

“The team at Sustainable Surf continue to be impressed and inspired by Starboard’s holistic commitment to sustainability and ocean-health. Our mission to protect and preserve ocean health starts with people and brands making better choices everyday – just like the ECOBOARD SUPs produced by Starboard, especially their new range of Gold Level models. We look forward to seeing the next round of eco-innovations from the team at Starboard.”

Brett Giddings – Sustainable Surf.

Eco Innovations involved in reaching gold level include:

Natural end grain balsa replaces PVC foam on the full deck and bottom. “End Grain” Balsa is a natural sandwich structure that is lightweight with incredible sheer strength when compared to conventional petroleum PVC foam. The carbon footprint is actually climate positive, meaning it offsets more than it consumes to use it.

ECOBOARD Project Verified 33% Plant-based bio Resin is used to laminate the entire board.

Main Inserts switching to be made from up-cycled fishing nets sourced from India. Akulon ECO is produced by DSM, a leader in sustainability.

IQ centre carry handle is made from recycled ABS.

All traction pads will be made from post-industrial waste. Recycled EVA has a high UV resistance in some colours than virgin EVA, so the pads stay the same colour for longer. Using recycled EVA reduces the amount of petroleum used by 50%.

Natural Balsa wood is now at the core of all of Starboard’s composite fins, avoiding plastic while improving flex and reducing weight. Balsa core fins made with bio-resin are up to 31% lighter on certain fin sizes.

For every board made, Starboard plants one mangrove tree, absorbing 1 ton of CO2 over a 20 year lifespan.

All packaging for accessories is now made of cardboard, with the exception of the dust bag made out of recycled plastic

In addition, all board bags are made from up-cycled PET from plastic bottles. An average of 52 bottles makes 1 typical bag.

And as an added benefit, Starboard has found most of these up-cycled materials outperform the original virgin materials.

In addition, Starboard is involved with several initiatives to reduce their footprint and impact on the environment:

Carbon Net Positive – Thor Heyerdahl Mangrove Park in Myanmar

Plastic Disclosure Project

SUP kids education program.

Education of local schools about plastic issues.

Sustainably-built offices at Starboard HQ, including solar power.

Frequent community cleanups

Partners for the Oceans with Sustainable SurfParleyTrash Hero and Watertrek.

Political lobbying for stricter plastic policies in ASEAN.

Starboard conducts full Life Cycle Analysis of their company’s carbon footprint available here.

Starboard is taking responsibility for its role in the plastic industry by offsetting their plastic footprint. This involves calculating exactly how much plastic goes into production and are now removing 48 metric tons of ocean plastic in 2018 to create a positive impact on the planet – instead of a negative one. For every board sold – Starboard collects 2 kg of ocean plastic. Starboard’s Plastic Offset Program funds local cleanups and puts a financial value on discarded plastic.

For more information on Starboard Eco initiatives visit Starboard Blue Projects

Future Stewards of the Ocean – Journal Solutions

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Upstream solutions? WE are the upstream. WE are the ones who can (one by one) turn off our personal “plastics into the ocean” tap. When the gushing stream of plastics into the water, land and air is so huge it might seem that turning off (or turning down) our own little tap is almost meaningless.

This is absolutely NOT the case, and we all know it in our heart.


Cover Art by Liz Cunningham, author of Ocean Country – Copyright 2018

The habit of writing about intention, gratitude and actions is a powerful practice. We can make a “blue life” choice and write about it in our Blue Life Journal. We can then share our commitment and action on our social media, we talk about it in conversation with a friend, we turn down our tap.

More importantly, we connect with others who begin to do the same.

We may not be on an expedition in Indonesia, but thank goodness 5 Gyres IS!

We may not be measuring plastic across the oceans of the world and creating a network of innovators who can re-design materials, but thank goodness Cyrill Gutsch and Parley for the Oceans is.

Do not underestimate individual action repeated consistently. We are leading change where it will matter most. Our personal habits and choices will turn off the taps where it is need most – UPSTREAM from the plastic garbage patches killing our oceans. (Get your Blue Life Journal and start today)

Never think your choices are less important – remember that collectively we created the problem as a human member of the plastics dilemma. Together, we are the ones who will solve it.

The time is NOW to engage
the future stewards of the ocean in the process.

The optimism, perspective and ideas of youth are exactly what we all need. For that reason, we offer a Blue Life Curriculum to teachers in grades 4-8 at NO CHARGE. It includes: kids_nature

  • Comprehensive Teacher handbook
  • All slide decks (with online video)
  • List of each You Tube video for ease in obtaining “green light” for use in the classroom
  • Scripts for each slide deck (PDF)
  • Worksheets for each slide deck (Google Forms and PDF)
  • PDF (printable) copies of the Blue Life Journal for Kids
  • Explanation and Alignment to standards (Technology, writing, character education, environment, STEM careers, Service Learning)
  • Access to additional/optional activities
  • Resources and Supplemental Materials for expanding as interest dictates

If you are interested in learning more, fill out the form on our CONTACT page. If you already have a program that includes journal writing, character education, environmental studies, a “green” club or a focus on STEM careers, you will love the Blue Life Curriculum. 

Our mantra we hope you ado