About Power of Presence

About Power of Presence

Power of Presence for SUP and WALK grew organically when founder, Judy Shasek, realized that the power of present moment mindfulness could be strengthened through a practice of active meditiation. The rhythmic movement of standup paddling and walking are  perfect practices for mindful meditation.  (Meet the rest of the team: Zane Schweitzer – CII, Bruce Cummings and Cynthia LaRoche – the voices, and our sponsors – KIALOA and Sweet Waterwear).

Through our  guided meditations you will discover a new way of exploring the power of presence as you do what you love – standup paddling or walking. The Power of Presence community is designed to include and support you and what you do – as a SUP Yoga or yoga instructor or a fitness.wellness professional. Click here to learn more.

Each of the P2SUP/P2Walk collaborators brings a different perspective and vast experience to the GUIDED MEDITATIONS AVAILABLE IN OUR ONLINE  STORE. 

judyheadshot Judy Shasek writes, hikes, paddles and plays outside daily. She is the founder of Water Words and author of the blog, Elder SUP.  Shasek is inspired by this quote, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” (LINKED IN Profile).

As an author, teacher and simply crazy about being outdoors via sailing, skiing, swimming, surfing, hiking and SUP, Shasek discovered yoga late in life as she breezed past her 60th birthday.  Shasek explains, “The more I practiced yoga I discovered the powerful synthesis provided by the blending of mindfulness with movement – even walking and paddling.” P2SUP and P2Walk were born of that discovery.

Shasek has an extensive background in fitness, business and program development. and is a member of the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association, has led workshops at dozens of education, technology, wellness and fitness conference around the country. For three years Shasek had the helm at the Physical Activity Pharmacy, an online resource providing medical providers with a list of certified fitness and wellness professionals. Giving physicians the ability to prescribe exercise for prevention and wellness is still a huge need. She is a brand ambassador for KIALOA paddles and Starboard.

She created ExerWellness, ExerLearning and Play4School embedding activity into the learning process for grades K-12. Those programs were recognized globally. She created the dvd program, Walk Plus and has won numerous awards for her fitness and walking programming while serving as national education director for Heavyhands Walk (1983-1993). Shasek is grateful for her role as “Elele (Ambassador) for KIALOA paddles. The influence of founders Dave and Meg Chun have been invaluable. That same commitment to quality, design and  business culture based in passion for what is created is what drew Shasek to Sweet Waterwear as a Power of Presence sponsor.

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