The small actions: You recycle, you avoid single use plastic, you wear biodegradable sunscreen, and you make “Blue Life” choices every day.

The enormous challenges: Climate change, over-fishing, habitat devastation, plastic gyres covering more ocean everyday – it can be overwhelming.

Each single circumstance that is causing our environmental and ocean decline, along with the threat for all life, including us, has caused the PROBLEM. Collectively that problem has scope, reach and momentum.

Each of us has the opportunity to connect, inspire, imagine, innovate, communicate and become more powerful through the connection. That is the premise and vision behine BLUE LIFE CONNECTIONS.

Face to face and local we can volunteer, lead, walk the “blue life” talk. Through social media, awareness, education and outreach across a distance we can “meet” scientists, philanthropists, biologists, environmentalists and dreamers who ignite the world with promise and solutions. Whether our connections are real or virtual, they are the very thing that will drive networks of solution makers.

Your story is important, your connections are valuable. Join us, and let us join you! Twitter: BlueLifeConnect and on Facebook “Blue Life Connections.”