zane-big-left Zane Schweitzer is the Power of Presence SUP CII. What is our CII? Zane is Chairman of Inspiration/Innovation and Inzane-ity. He brings a unique set of expertise and perspective to what we can share with our P2SUP community.

Who is Zane Schweitzer? He charges the biggest waves, the gnarliest of lines and dynamic moves with his Zaniac style. At first glance it might seem unusual for a “Power of Mindful Presence” initiative to find inspiration from a Waterman like Zane Schweitzer. Fortunately, Zane’s brother, Matty Schweitzer, (of Mat50Media) has captured more than just the “Inzane” moments of Zane on the water. (Check out Zane’s website here)

This video (below) demonstrates the extremely balanced and grounded aspects that Zane embraces. With the sea beneath his feet, he bridges the yin and yang of a mindful life. Through meditation and a conscious practice of being in the present moment, Zane has honed skills that will inspire and complement our P2SUP guided meditations. Zane reaches out to inspire, teach – and learn – making the most of his travel and event opportunities. (Article on one community outreach: Standup for the Cure)

zane-schweitzer-MOTOBackground: Zane Schweitzer is a third generation Professional Waterman who has excelled in every action sport that has crossed his way. His love and respect for the Ocean is vibrant on a daily basis and visible to anyone who has met him in person. Following in his father’s footstep’s as 18X World Champion, Zane has dominated the Windsurf scene with great results and internationally recognized media coverage since childhood. Zane completed the 2015 year of the Stand Up World Tour in 2nd place overall for the World Tour Rankings, and won the 2015 Master of the Ocean competition. His knowledge and connection with the ocean all stem from his love of surfing and family lifestyle. And don’t think for a second that on land he is a fish out of water, he is also a serious motocross racer who will not let off the gas!! Through clinics, community environmental initiatives and “just plain aloha,” Zane shares his passion with generous energy.

From Zane, “Every time I enter the water I am immediately reminded of a greater power’s perfect creation. By immersing yourself in the ocean it’s easy to find purity in yourself; I am so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and all the humbling experiences I’ve encountered in the ocean!  Mahalo for all the support, good energy and positives messages during all the action and throughout the year, I really appreciate your guys blessings and support!! Please follow my adventures on social media at InstaGram: zaniac1, Facebook , Youtube  or my Zane’s World blog.”

Mahalo Nui Loa from Schweitzer Sports!