Standup for the Cure – Positivity

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You expect participants in a highly personal, built-for-connection event like Standup for the Cure to be enthusiastic and highly invested in experiencing a positive event. The surprise for me at the November 12 event at Miami Yacht Club was the attitude and absolute commitment of the sponsors. A lot of the praise for that goes to the tireless enthusiasm and work by event director, Dan Van Dyke (shown here leading the prayer circle).

sftcm2Before I go on and on about the weather for the event (absolutely stellar), the course (indescribably beautiful) and the raffle prizes (so many, and all so cool), I will introduce you to some of the many sponsors i enjoyed talking with.

The sun was bright so one of the first people I chatted with was Morgan Parker of Raw Elements, makers of clear and tinted sunscreen made with 100% natural ingredients including zinc oxide. The moisturizer was evident as I applied the clear stick blend to my face. They were at the event because, “It’s a great cause and a natural audience for our mission toward skincare and cancer prevention.”

Speaking of prevention, I experienced the quick and easy breast cancer screening available at no charge to all. In the course of the Standup for the Cure history hundreds upon hundreds of early stage cancers have been detected, with support and followup made available. Each $125 raised by the event is used to support someone in need for screening. With $850,000+ raised so far think of the positive impact the event has had for so many of us across the country. sftcmview

We all love the ocean, surfing and a great cause but we don’t all take action to make a difference. Two local high school students Jacy and Joie started SURF TO THE RESCUE at the end of their 2016 school year. These students donate proceeds to Surfers for Autism, except on Nov 12 all proceeds went to Standup for the Cure. The shirts are top quality and the logos unique – and their hearts are definitely in the right place.

sftcmhatBesides winning a very cool hat at the Ambry Genetics booth (answered questions about breast cancer correctly), I had a fantastic conversation with Jaci Talpash. Few could be more proud of the work done by their company. She shared so much about all Ambry Genetics does and I walked away grateful for all the teams behind the innovations and research.

The team from Cobian Footwear (check out the styles) lives their #everystepmatters message with their participation in causes that resonate.  Grag Tayler shared, “We are national sponsors of Standup for the Cure, so this is not a one time effort for us. They are honored to be part of the effort fighting breast cancer and those working to find a cure.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse fed us well with perfectly grilled burgers on melt in your mouth buns. Kona Brewing Company team froze their hands off reaching into a cooler full of ice to hand us perfectly chilled beer. We all needed it after an active morning. The morning was made more active for many as Andrew Crane representing Starboard  shared Allstar and Freeride boards, paddles, leashes and PFDs to dozens upon dozens of eager paddlers, both novice and super experienced racers. sftcmreeride

The most connected and positive community gathers at every Standup for the Cure event. Smiles were plentiful and awareness buzzed throughout the day. Thanks for inspiring us Shawneen Schweitzer Shelby Kailei Lane Schweitzer Zane Kekoa Schweitzer Matty Schweitzer Judie Vivian Dan Van Dyck and all the enthusiastic and loyal sponsors including
Ambry Genetics West Marine Maui Jim Cobian Kona Brewing Company sftcmona

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Miami Yacht Club

Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter (No single use plastic bottles at the event – tons of awareness instead of tons of plastic).

sftcmsrBe sure to check out the schedule for an upcoming event and be sure to be part of exactly the energy our sport is known for.  Aloha!

Standup for the Cure: Courage

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This post is for all my SUP friends – and especially for those who haven’t added that amazing sport to life, just yet.  This is an open invitation to join me on November 12 at Standup for the Cure in Miami, FL.  Survivor or supporter, when you stand tall on your paddleboard surrounded by a sea of pink, lead by the energy of Zane Schweitzer, Shawneen Schweitzer, Judie Vivian and hundreds of smiling paddlers you will be immersed in an awesome adventure.

One stroke at a time, paddle your adventure with us at Standup for the Cure - Miami

One stroke at a time, paddle your adventure with us at Standup for the Cure – Miami

Life is an adventure – and like all adventures there are moments that require every ounce of courage, hope, and the healing support of friends and family.


The smiles are ever-present, thank you Shawneen Schweitzer

When life throws in a challenge like cancer, each day asks for laughter, love and strength – along with the best treatment possible. A combination of research and screening, awareness and information are powerful tools we are so fortunate to access.

When dedicated and passionate people come together we have the treasure of events we can experience together, events like the far-reaching Standup for the Cure.  They have raised over $600,000. For each $125 raised by fundraising teams a mammogram is shared to someone in need – early detection and awareness make so much difference.  I was incredibly fortunate to have had early detection of the very rare cancer I experienced, and am ever grateful to the researchers and surgeon who had the knowledge and experience to guide my outcome.

Zane spent time in New Zealand learning local traditions and mindfulness

Zane spent time in New Zealand learning local traditions and mindfulness


Life IS truly an adventure. I am pleased to share a FREE download of our P2SUP album, “Paddle with Courage” to all participants in Standup for the Cure – or to anyone who feels a need for some mindful presence, for inspired and guided meditation. CONTACT me for more information.

Join our fundraising team. (Do It for Meg) – but most of all join with friends and family on November 12 at Miami Yacht Club and paddle with me or just enjoy the day.  CONTACT me if you have questions, comments, a story to share – we welcome you to the P2SUP community.

Do It For Meg on Crowdrise

Workplace Wellness: Walking Meditation

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P2Walk connects a 15 minute walk to a focused “mindful presence practice.”

Adding walking meditation with our guided scripts is easy from day one – for all abilities.

We can complement your existing workplace wellness offerings for as little as $1 an employee.  Why should you learn more? (CONTACT us) P2Walk for Workplace Wellness  allows employees to learn how a very small change to their daily routine can improve their overall health and well-being. It is easily a self-directed activity enjoyed as needed. workplace wellness two

Mindfulness practiced through P2Walk begins with calming breath awareness. P2Walk draws one’s attention to the sensations of the present moment, and guides a walking meditation customized for your employees. P2Walk can be done during a 15 minute break, a lunch break or after work. Decades of research suggest that setting aside time for mindfulness can improve concentration and reduce stress. Enhance the benefits of your existing workplace wellness program.

Large corporations who have initiated mindfulness programs, like early adopter, Aetna, have saved about $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gained about $3,000 per employee in productivity. Mindful employees, the thinking goes, are healthier and more focused.

walking wellnessOver the last 30 years, there’s been this tremendous volume of scientific research. that’s been really quantifying the effects of mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness actually changes the structures of our brain in ways that are largely positive. It actually improves our immune system in ways that can be verifiably measured. It actually seems to reduce the stress we experience and the stress that our bodies seem to be reporting, through measures like heart-rate variability and cortisol levels. So the data is there. We know that it’s making changes and that these changes are largely beneficial.

The Mayo Clinic notes that more and more evidence is indicating that mindfulness training not only improves employees personal lives, reducing the symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety, but consistently improves employee engagement. Contact us to learn how P2Walk can seamlessly complement your existing wellness, yoga, meditation, walking and other employee wellness initiatives.

Power of Presence: SUP and Meditation

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As more and more attention is given to the practice of meditation, we come to realize where the magic begins. The power within meditation begins with breath awareness. Have you had that moment in a yoga class when you follow a breath all the way to an open heart – and that still moment at the top – then followed the exhale with full awareness? That’s just one opportunity for the power of presence. And you can enjoy it during any SUP session.

SUP Meditation: Presence on the water

Traditional meditation practiced while seated provides a rich opportunity to calm our mind-body and bring a new mindful presence and balance to life.  For those of us who find a sense of meditative calm while on the water, a unique practice called “Power of Presence SUP” or P2SUP can allow us to meditate while enjoying our favorite pasttime. cropped-p2sup_logo_v2_vert_250-300x300

It’s easy to head out for a paddle and become scatter-brained and defocused. Thoughts of work/relationship/life problems, busy-ness and plans chatter through our mind. With P2SUP guided meditations, anyone can enjoy a mindful and present meditation practice while standup paddling – from the very first session. (Learn more here)

Have you ever started out on a paddle ready for calm and realize you’ve got a monkey-mind along for the ride? The monkey mind bounces around from one thing to another. It is as if we are on an out of control horse, heading to the nearest cliff.  Our senses and emotions become reactive, not reflective.

Breathing Meditation: Enjoy a P2SUP experience (give us 15 minutes)

pc201522The goal of meditation is to diminish the self into focus and mindfulness so we can be free, compassionate (with ourselves and others) and discover stress-free calm.

SUP has a great effect to calm the mind. Even while paddling our ability to pay attention is sometimes degraded by the fast pace of our modern world. Before a training paddle, or one that is simply being out on the water, taking time to pay attention and practice a p2SUP meditation is the key to this end. Our sport provides us with many opportunities to meditate. P2SUP can be your guide as you develop your own practice over time.

CONTACT us and request your coupon for a FREE download of “Paddle with Courage.”

Explore More:

We invite you to Live Presence and Share Presence.

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Explore, “All SUP is Yoga.

Standup for the Cure: Zane Schweitzer in Michigan

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Team Starboard at SFTC Michigan with Jim Brewer and Zane Schweitzer

Team Starboard at SFTC Michigan with Jim Brewer and Zane Schweitzer

Straight off a flight from the Starboard headquarters in Thailand, Zane Schweitzer breezed through Maui on his way to the second annual Standup for the Cure event in Muskegon, MI. Such extensive travel is a key part of the dedication and commitment to innovate and inspire that is so important to Zane.  With his usual smile and welcoming personality, Zane shared experience and SUP insights to a diverse group of paddlers before the event began on July 9.

Zane Schweitzer sharing aloha, stoke and SUP tips at the clinic

Zane Schweitzer sharing aloha, stoke and SUP tips at the clinic

With a goal of raising $80,000 for breast cancer prevention and research the Michigan communities came together to reach the goal.  Top fundraisers created teams in the months leading to the event. It is a tradition to set up a Fundraising Team and compete for prizes for the Top Fundraiser for the event. Net proceeds from the event are given to Susan G Komen Miami to support community grants to help uninsured women receive their breast exams. Every $125 raised enables a women to have a mammogram and may save her life! The statistics on how many people have learned about their own risk or current skin cancer or breast cancer status is overwhelming. Knowledge, awareness and support saves lives – SFTC impacts thousands every year.

On the water and off, new friends were made, powerful stories of courage and survival were shared. Smiles and strength permeated every moment.


Some of the top fundraising teams



Contact us for your FREE download code

Contact us for your FREE download code

I can’t wait for the next SFTC in Miami (November 12, 2016)  The event is much more than the usual SUP race – each event offers SUP Lessons, demos, Free Breast Cancer Screening, Live Music, great food, Happy Hour and the “Sea of Pink” 5k fun paddle/race. We will do our part to encourage the healing practice of mindfulness by offering every participant a FREE download of the Power of Presence album, “Paddle with Courage.”  Even if you cannot be at the event, simply e-mail us and we will send you the download code.  One of the tracks on the album includes a powerful message from Zane inspired by his life philosophy and events that took place during the 2016 Ultimate Waterman event, from which he emerged champion.

You will be impressed and enlightened (read more here) with Zane’s insights and philosophy, “every step matters.

What’s Standup for the Cure?

Standup for the Cure (SFTC)  is a 501c3 whose mission is to raise money and awareness for early breast cancer detection, research, treatment and education while introducing the breast cancer community to the active, healthy lifestyle of Standup Paddling.  The Schweitzer family has dedicated themselves to making each SFTC event more successful than the one before. Filled with aloha, positive energy, healing support, food friends and fun, the spark that Zane Schweitzer shares fits right in. (Follow his website home)


Standup for the Cure’s focus is to introduce non-paddlers to the healthy lifestyle of standup paddling, while building a supportive community bound by the desire to rid the world of breast cancer,” stated Event Director Dan Van Dyck.

Follow on Standup for the Cure (SFTC) on Twitter 


Happiness: The Mindful Path is Ours

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monkeymind7No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing we bring along our active mind doing its thing. Sometimes we seek distraction, or maybe we work to create “positive thoughts’ about a situation we are not content with. Sometimes our “monkey mind” jumps from thought to random thought interrupting our calm focus. We want to be mindful. People who focused on their present moment experience (in other words, people who were being mindful, were significantly happier than people whose minds wandered away from the moment. We seek happiness, ao let’s practice being mindful.

Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term which describes the persistent churn of thoughts in the undisciplined mind. Monkey Mind is the reflexive mind ready to judge, worry, analyze, and compare everything in the moment, which is a good way to miss the moment. And in turn, we consistently miss the chance for happiness.

Power of Presence meditations for standup paddling and for walking are 15-minute sessions that allow you to practice being mindful,  “being in the zone.” This simply means being fully present with what you are doing. We can’t tell our monkey mind to stop, but we can develop our own skills and path toward mindfulness. P2Walk and P2SUP, the more often you do it, the easier it becomes.

You might assume that people who let their minds wander to happy thoughts would feel happy right? In the video below, by Matt Killingsworth, a well-defined strategy for adding more mindfulness (and happiness) is shared. He explains whyt people letting their minds wander to pleasant things were still not as happy as people who kept their minds in the moment.

Even if the activity at hand was deemed unpleasant, people were still happier when they engaged their attention fully in the now.

There is plenty of previous research that supports Killingsworth’s findings. We know for instance, that money doesn’t make us happy. Studies have shown that as long as basic needs, such as food and shelter are met, additional wealth and material goods have little bearing on happiness.

Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi leading authority on positive psychology, studied happiness extensively in the 1960’s and came up with the same results as Killingsworth. He spoke of the peak state of human beings being a state he called ‘flow’.

According to Killingsworth, the average person’s mind is wandering around 47% of our day—and when the mind wanders we don’t feel happy. Spending so much time with the mind wandering makes us vulnerable to depression, stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. monkeymind3

As many people continue to seek external gratification as a source of happiness, their wandering minds are overlooked as the source of their discontent. Time and time again as we share P2Walk and P2SUP with active, busy people we observe their delight as they discover the powerful effects of mindfulness. The data shows us what wisdom traditions have long taught – that the keys to happiness – to true well-being and fulfilment – depend not on the external circumstances of our lives, but on the state of our minds and the quality of our consciousness. Please enjoy the video below – and then take the time for Power of Presence and your own path toward mindfulness.