The Power of Story

Until you spend an afternoon watching kids and teens tirelessly cleaning up a beach or researching solutions for the ocean you may not realize the power of their perspective. Each time young people venture out into the world intent on making a “green” or “blue” environmental difference there is power. Connecting these initiatives from all over the world is our mission. We believe in the “power of story” to change the world. Real kids, real stories – ONE + TOGETHER = HOPE.

Optimism, perseverance, original approaches and hope! Sitting in desks in schools around the world, the next generation of ocean stewards is the spark we need. We can help them – and that’s exactly why we created the Blue Life Journal for Kids and the accompanying program for teachers. It’s a valuable tool set for our future.

Nothing connects people better than stories.  The Blue Life Journal for Kids contains ideas, strategies, a great 28-day journal practice AND a compelling story starring middle school kids.   Connecting that story to real-life young people in action is the fire that will ignite even more proactive commitment.

A portion of the Blue Life Journal for Kids contains a portion of a “chapter book” called Kate Buffett and the Deep Blue Sea. In this section, the continuing story of Kate Buffett and the Deep Blue Sea will be shared. Each character in the story is based on a real person. We will profile those young people in this section.  Each month you will meet someone new who will touch your heart and inspire your own ideas and initiatives.

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Chapter One and Two of Kate Buffett and the Deep Blue Sea is shared in the Blue Life Journal for Kids. You can access each new chapter from the list below:

Chapter Three (Coming November 1, 2018)

Chapter Four  (Coming December 1, 2018)

Chapter Five (Coming January 1, 2019)