Air – Breath

Air – Breath

Power of Presence: SUP and Meditation

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As more and more attention is given to the practice of meditation, we come to realize where the magic begins. The power within meditation begins with breath awareness. Have you had that moment in a yoga class when you follow a breath all the way to an open heart – and that still moment at the top – then followed the exhale with full awareness? That’s just one opportunity for the power of presence. And you can enjoy it during any SUP session.

SUP Meditation: Presence on the water

Traditional meditation practiced while seated provides a rich opportunity to calm our mind-body and bring a new mindful presence and balance to life.  For those of us who find a sense of meditative calm while on the water, a unique practice called “Power of Presence SUP” or P2SUP can allow us to meditate while enjoying our favorite pasttime. cropped-p2sup_logo_v2_vert_250-300x300

It’s easy to head out for a paddle and become scatter-brained and defocused. Thoughts of work/relationship/life problems, busy-ness and plans chatter through our mind. With P2SUP guided meditations, anyone can enjoy a mindful and present meditation practice while standup paddling – from the very first session. (Learn more here)

Have you ever started out on a paddle ready for calm and realize you’ve got a monkey-mind along for the ride? The monkey mind bounces around from one thing to another. It is as if we are on an out of control horse, heading to the nearest cliff.  Our senses and emotions become reactive, not reflective.

Breathing Meditation: Enjoy a P2SUP experience (give us 15 minutes)

pc201522The goal of meditation is to diminish the self into focus and mindfulness so we can be free, compassionate (with ourselves and others) and discover stress-free calm.

SUP has a great effect to calm the mind. Even while paddling our ability to pay attention is sometimes degraded by the fast pace of our modern world. Before a training paddle, or one that is simply being out on the water, taking time to pay attention and practice a p2SUP meditation is the key to this end. Our sport provides us with many opportunities to meditate. P2SUP can be your guide as you develop your own practice over time.

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We invite you to Live Presence and Share Presence.

Introduction to P2SUP

The Basics of P2SUP

How Do I Begin?

Why Walk On Water?

7 Reasons to P2SUP

The Birth of P2SUP

Explore, “All SUP is Yoga.

P2Walk for Kids: Mindfulness 4 Learning

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P2Walk for Learning

P2Walk for kids in the learning environment is similar to P2Walk for anyone. The differences include the themes of the P2Walk guided meditations, the length of the meditations and the creation/writing/design component. The constant is a guided, active, meditation practice that focuses on breath awareness and mindful intention.

Safe-WalkingLet’s begin with a definition of what we mean when we talk about Power of Presence and Mindfulness:  Mindfulness is paying attention to your life, here and now, with kindness and curiosity. As the Dalai Lama might put it: Mindfulness is practicing paying attention to what’s happening inside your body and around you with an attitude of curiosity and acceptance. It’s about being present to each moment as it happens. In practical terms, mindfulness is about focusing on now; not yesterday or tomorrow.

In school, students are asked to “pay attention” dozens of times a day. Do they know how to do that?. The practice of mindfulness shows students how to pay attention in a curious, interested manner. Practicing the art of being present and mindful while moving provides a balanced and rhythmic base that is in tune with the kinesthetic needs of most young people.

As human beings we all have the unique capacity to pay attention and live with awareness of our internal and external worlds. We can attend to the breath, the body, thoughts, emotions, tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and our impulses and actions and their effects on others and our environment. This ability to pay attention is a natural, innate human capacity. It is also a skill that enhances learning.

As meditation is being accepted as a valuable addition to the school day, P2Walk for Learning has been designed to complement that practice while providing enriching, standards-based activities for grades 4-8. P2Walk for Learning is a powerful way to enhance student engagement and the outcomes of any meditation course or school program.

Learn more about P2Walk Founder, Judy Shasek, MS

Why is Mindfulness and Breath awareness Important?



Talk Story with Ultimate Waterman- Zane Schweitzer

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This is the attitude and heart that identifies Hawaiian waterman, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, “Ke aloha nui iā ‘oukau pākahi a pau!!! These are the moments that last. Feeling so blessed and grateful for all the aloha and mana we have all shared and experienced here with each other. You all are inspirational and it’s been an honor to learn from you all and share each other’s mana’o (knowledge and beliefs)!” (Photo above: Kam Pollock)

We are so pleased to share this nterview with Zane Schweitzer. The article is his response to this question: What Aspects of “The Ultimate Waterman” experience in New Zealand provided motivation, inspiration and focus?

Some Background: The Ultimate Waterman is an annual challenge of seven ocean sports presented to eight selected waterman. The sports include outrigger (OC-1), prone paddling, SUP surf, long and short board, SUP racing and an underwater strength-endurance challenge.

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P2 Elements: Live Presence – Share Presence

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We welcome you to live Presence - P2SUP and P2Walk

We welcome you to Power of Presence – P2SUP and P2Walk

Power of Presence (P2) guided meditations for standup paddling and walking are just the tip of what we are about. We honor and respect the many wellness professionals, yogis and SUP Yoga leaders doing their best work. Our practice of showcasing and celebrating what they do and listening to how we can complement their programs is the cornerstone of our mission. We provide complementary tools and programs delivering value, delight, and meaning to the lives of their students and clients. (CONTACT us to receive your complimentary Training Program)

Is P2SUP for you? Anyone who seeks more balance and connection to mind, breath and spirit. Anyone who has no time to “meditate,” but can take a 15-minute walk or paddle. Anyone seeking more courage, insight, balance, groudedness, curiosity, gratitude or play. If you seek to celebrate and grow your authentic self, P2 is one step in the right direction.  (Check some TESTIMONIALS here)


Vibrant wellness is balanced in mind and body. A consistent awareness of the present moment, the gift of breath and celebration of self is the foundation of “Power of Presence” for SUP and Walk..


Judy Shasek, founder of Power of Presence (P2SUP and P2Walk) has honed her experience and expertise over decades. Creating a culture of mindful wellness and play is the cornerstone of Power of Presence. Gifted experts, yogis, paddlers, coaches and teachers are part of our team, including Waterman Zane Schweitzer.


Each Power of Presence (P2) guided meditation script has been experienced – on the water or along a trail. We listen to what you need, what you love and what the experience has provided.


When we celebrate our beliefs and life journey mindfully we are best prepared to share the “power of presence” with others – we impact the world in a different way. Power of Presence shares products and services with groups whose cause resonates with our core beliefs. (CONTACT us for donations and support)


It’s not what the P2Walk and P2SUP meditations deliver, but what they allow our mindful community to do. Everyone has a story, Power of Presence is here to celebrate each one.

We honor and celebrate our heroes (professional or mindfulness-in-training). When we support your progression, you inspire ours.

7 Reasons to P2SUP

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Chatting with a friend before 6 am yoga class he mentioned that he and his wife just started SUP paddling. Excitement and “let’s go paddle.”

I said, “I’d love to paddle with you guys, and we can bring MP3 players and do a P2SUP meditation before we circle Elk Lake.” I went on to explain how we have a meditation for each of the 7 chakras, one for whatever needs attention or balancing.

He said, “Oh, I don’t get chakras, or that stuff.” standing chakra

I said, “Okay, think of it like this: When you head out for a paddle you can reflect. How are you feeling. Are you frustrated or stressed by something? Are you seeking groundedness or creativity? Do you want to connect with your breath and simply BE more present?”

He said, “Oh! I get what you’re talking about now. Alright, I am IN. Sounds fantatstic.”

If you are new to Power of Presence SUP (P2SUP) you will enjoy these 7 reasons to P2SUP

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Mindful Presence: Research Tidbits

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Practicing Mindful Presence
 lowers stress – literally.
 Research published in the journal Health Psychology shows that mindfulness is not only associated with feeling less stressed, it’s also linked with decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Active meditation changes the brain in a protective way. University of Oregon researchers found that integrative body-mind training – a meditation technique – can actually result in brain changes that may be protective against mental illness. The meditation practice was linked with increased signaling connections in the brain, something called axonal density, as well as increased protective tissue (myelin) around the axons in the anterior cingulate brain region. walk7

It Delivers Focus – Even Beyond Pain Ever wondered why mindfulness meditation can make you feel more focused and feeling a sense of calm? It’s because meditation helps the brain to have better control over processing pain and emotions. Scientists explain that occurs through the control of cortical alpha rhythms (which play a role in what senses our minds are attentive to).

walk9Meditation has four elements that help us in different ways. The health benefits of mindfulness can be boiled down to four elements, according to a Perspectives on Psychological Science study: body awareness, self-awareness, regulation of emotion and regulation of attention. None of these skills comes easily. The more we practice, the more we can tap into valuable, personal tools.

It could make going through cancer less stressfulResearch from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine shows that mindfulness coupled with art therapy can successfully decrease stress symptoms among women with breast cancer. And not only that, but imaging tests show that it is actually linked with brain changes related to stress, emotions and reward.

It could help the elderly feel less lonely. Loneliness among seniors can be dangerous, in that it’s known to raise risks for a number of health conditions. But researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, found that mindfulness meditation helped to decrease these feelings of loneliness among the elderly, and boost their health by reducing the expression of genes linked with inflammation. Loneliness can happen at any age. Reduction of inflammation is a giant step along the wellness path.

Please CONTACT us with any questions – or requests for more information.