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Eastern Shore KudosHi Judy, just finished my fifth paddle with “Paddle for Presence” and it’s official I love it.  Can’t wait to get my next session.
Bab – Ambulare In Aqua


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Mountain Power Walk was fun: I really needed “Mountain Power Walk” today. A busy morning and I needed that grounding and energy.  Monica

A Healing and Mindful Walk: Judy- Thank you so much for you time and generous use and access to your lovely meditation program for walking! I haven’t downloaded them yet, but hope to have time tomorrow to do so. We all talked afterwards about how the meditations really made us mindful about what enhances our walking. Nancy and Cody


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Walking with Joy: Katy: At first the meditation seemed to have talking that was too fast, but as I walked I settled in and it was just right. Thank you for acknoledging “pain” in the “Walk with Joy” meditation. Simply the acknoledgement was enough. I have been working toward discovering the JOY in life, even during a challenging time and this meditation was wonderful.