Kialoa-K-IconKIALOA Paddles
P2SUP Founder, Judy Shasek (author of the Elder SUP blog), has been using Kialoa Paddles for over eight years. From recreational river paddling, to ocean surfing and cruising – from course to down wind racing – Shasek has enjoyed a KIALOA Paddle for every need. Innovation in function and design is an on-going and integral part of the KIALOA culture.We know that each of you enjoying a “Power of Presence” active meditation during your standup paddle can find a KIALOA paddle at the price point you seek.

You can weigh the attributes of weight, durability, portability (adjustable and travel paddles) and blade size, then select what is exactly right for you. namastek

waikiki-topaloha-board-packageInflatable SUP Boards and more: From the Aloha Board and Paddle package to the fleet of inflatable boards offered  by KIALOA you can enjoy the same quality and aesthetic beauty in boards as you find in paddles. We will be using KIALOA paddles and boards exclusively in our clinics, workshops and our on-the-water excursions.