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Walk with a Meditation “Buddy”

Adding mindfulness to any walk for wellness

Bend, OR October 18, 2015

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October 19, 2015

From teachers on a planning break to corporate employees walking during lunch, Power of Presence Walk adds bonus benefits. How does that happen? Our P2Walk meditations provide an easy-to-use and customized program of active mindfulness. With a 15-minute recording anyone can connect mind and breath-awareness to any walk.

Disengaged workers can cost U.S. businesses a whopping $350 billion a year as research shows.  One proven and effective way to get your employees back in the game is to offer a walking program in your corporate wellness offerings. For every dollar spent on preventive care a company can expect a $3 return. The Mayo Clinic notes that more and more evidence is indicating that mindfulness training not only improves employees personal lives, reducing the symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety, but consistently improves employee engagement. Power of Presence Walk is a wise healthcare investment for employers considering wellness programs, as it could improve workers’ general efficacy as well.

A walking program that connects mindfulness to an ordinary walk shows your employees that you value them, plus it provides them with the tools and incentives to get healthier.

P2Walk guided meditations are uniquely designed “baby step” guides toward acquiring a new mind-set. The “Power of Presence” can allow anyone to access their own creation of a vital state of mindful awareness. The scripts can lead to presence – both on your afternoon walk, back at work and in life.

According to P2Walk founder, Judy Shasek, “No matter how well-honed and expertly written our P2Walk guided meditation scripts might be, we cannot create your mindfulness in the true sense of the term.  Why is that? Because a person’s awareness and perspective on his or her own life journey are more important than any skill we can deliver for you.  Mindfulness and a sense of aware presence can be unlocked. The personal results are dependent on one’s personal values and perspective.”

P2Walk offers on-site and video-conference workshops for any size company. For employees whose life is a challenging clutter of chaos, over-extended scheduling or more responsibilities and roles than are manageable,  P2Walk meditations can provide an oasis. In the same amount of time it takes to go for a walk, anyone can develop a mindfulness practice that suits their personality and framework for choices in life. 

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About Judy Shasek

Judy has an MS degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University.