Teachers can P2Walk for 15 minutes during a break, lunch, before or after school

Employees can P2Walk for 15 minutes during a break, lunch, before or after school

We look forward to answering all of your questions about “Power of Presence” and the workplace wellness opportunity that is P2Walk. You can send your questions to us via our CONTACT form.  General questions are listed below. We hope to support your staff and teams as they seek wellness at work – and in life.

I thought meditation was something done while sitting quietly.  How does P2Walk guide a meditation practice?  There are hundreds of techniques, schools, and styles of meditation. Commonality underlying the various techniques consists of two simultaneous mental activities: Concentration and Mindfulness. P2Walk guides each step of your 15-minute walk with both concentration and mindfulness

I know that mindfulness can reduce stress. How does P2Walk change habits or awareness? Practicing P2Walk greatly facilitates the development of mindfulness in ordinary daily life. As you learn to establish presence and mindfulness during a P2Walk guided meditation—when you are physically moving with your eyes open—then it won’t be difficult to bring that power of presence to other activities, such as practicing yoga, eating, making wellness choices, or dealing with life’s inevitable challenges. It will be easier for you to arouse mindfulness while driving, walking through the park, or during any other time. Your meditation will begin to permeate your entire life.

How easy is it to implement P2Walk as a complement to other Workplace Wellness programs we already have? Walking is known to be an excellent wellness activity. Walking is easy for almost everyone to begin, and to enjoy during or after the workday. Our collection of  15-minute walking meditation scripts can guide employees into mindfulness whenever they choose to practice (breaks, before or after work, lunchtime). It’s a simple meditation for all levels, with the key component – allowing mindful presence as needed. Having a practice that anyone can practice as-needed, with full support by the guided meditation, is a powerful complement to your current wellness goals and program.

How does P2Walk connect with what is needed for so many different types of people? Breath awareness is key to the practice of P2Walk. Observing the breath as you walk also clears the mind of mental chatter and self-talk. If you’re thinking that  sounds like a formula for meditation-in-action, you’re right. A brisk walk with breath awareness is mentally refreshing. After a 15-minute P2Walk the resulting sense of calm is more like meditating than exercising vigorously.

How do we begin? We can provide workshops on site or via video-training.  It is easy for us to train your wellness coordinator to support the on-going program, or provide adequate training for emplyees in a 60-90 minute workshop.  P2Walk guided meditations are available for licensed download at a sliding cost for companies, insurance companies, schools or clubs.  The best way to begin is to give us a call (541-410-1478) or to fill out our CONTACT form.