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Paddle With Courage – feat. Zane Schweitzer

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Life is a challenge – life with cancer (of any kind) is a challenge beyond measure. We hope to provide a way to go out for a paddle, to leave the stress behind and to connect with the power within. For survivors, their family and friends – for anyone with a life challenge. Paddle with Courage is for YOU!


This album was created with every participant in the “Standup for the CURE” event (Newport, CA May 2016) in mind. The themes will resonate with anyone who wishes for more courage to face the challenges of life, health, relationships and spiritual growth. We are honored to introduce our CII (Chairman of Inspiration and Innovation), Zane Kekoa Schweitzer as a contributor to the track, “Paddle Toward Connection.” His experience in New Zealand at the Ultimate Waterman Challenge allowed him time to know the Maori people. His insights and wisdom will invite you to meditate while you paddle, guiding intention and connection that is so important in our lives. zane-mindful-beach

The themes include:

Paddle for Courage

Paddling with Choices

Paddle with Joy

Paddle Toward Connection

Paddle with the Power of Patience

About Judy Shasek

Judy has an MS degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University.

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