The Power of YOUR Blue Life 

It begins with a Journal – Blue Life Journal

Saving the Ocean one Blue Life choice at a time – You are the change, you are the hope!

iStock_000024235436_600sqWelcome to the home of  Blue Life Connections. Judy Shasek, co-author of the Blue Life Journal  in collaboration with 15 X World Title Waterman, and author Zane Schweitzer, has developed Blue Life Connections to expand the power of our individual Blue Life choices. This is your online community supporting your creative “Blue Life” choices and your dream to act for our voiceless friend – the Ocean and all its life forms.

What’s a BLUE LIFE?

We all know that recycling can never catch up with or solve the problem of plastics in our environment, especially in the Ocean. Every day, each one of us makes choices about what we do, how we act and our impact on the world.

What if we began each day by taking a few minutes to commit to at least one “Blue Life” choice. What if we chose a different sort of single-use plastic to avoid, or supported the “green” or “Blue Life” efforts of others? The Blue Life Journal not only provides cues and inspiration for your mindful journal-practice, it also is FULL of ideas.

The Blue Life Journal will be formally released in Summer 2018. You can pre-order yours now and save $5. See the Table of Contents to the left.

During our production year, we will be meeting with people of all ages and all walks of life – why? Individuals, businesses, schools and a diverse array of special interest groups need the Blue Life Journal now. We want to make it the best it can be. So we are connecting with hundreds of Blue Life Journal-writers and gathering their input. We are creating custom Blue Life Journals for businesses and non-profits seeking to expand their current ECO positive actions.

Connecting many small actions to generate a global spectrum of solutions

Customized versions of the Blue Life Journal can be developed for a broad audience. CONTACT US   with your needs and interests.

Change and innovative BLUE LIFE habits can START NOW.