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Welcome to P2SUP! 

Head to the water for a paddle – with a bonus! We invite you to Live Presence and Share Presence.

P2SUP – Guided meditations connect mind, breath and movement.  All you do is paddle and P2SUP delivers your “Power of Presence.” Great for any ability, on any board, in any body of water. (Learn more about our VISION and MISSION here)

Each meditation is designed to provide a customized and mindful complement to your paddle. Power of Presence SUP (P2SUP) has meditations to suit exactly what you need on any given day. When you take your mindfulness practice outdoors  the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt. iStock_000024235436_600sq

In P2SUP, your body moves with smooth, rhythmic and continuous paddling strokes. Just as traditional yoga has active poses or “asanas,” in P2SUP, your paddling is the “active pose” part of the experience. With our guided meditations, your mind and spirit will engage in a practice of mindful presence. P2SUP enhances SUP Yoga and paddling practices. (Explore our store here)

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We invite you to Live Presence and Share Presence.

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