Power of Presence – Guided Meditations for Walking

Go for a P2Walk.  The benefits of walking meditation for workplace or individual connection to mind, breath and spirit begins with a walk. P2Walk recorded scripts provide cues toward breath awareness, personal intention and a connection to the present moment. In 15-minute easy-to-follow sessions – worries, stress and distractions melt away.

Your body moves with smooth, rhythmic and continuous strides – while P2Walk meditations inspire, connect and tap in to what YOU need today.

We invite you to join us in exploring the power available to you, the mindfulness of presence.

Employees enjoy P2Walk - reduce stress, increase effectiveness

Employees enjoy P2Walk – reduce stress, increase effectiveness

P2Walk enhances any walk – delivering the power of presence and mindfulness to your experience. Head outdoors for a walk – with a bonus! (Get YOUR first P2Walk album now)

Learn more about P2Walk Founder, Judy Shasek, MS.

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